Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Spirit

I saw The Spirit recently and I really liked it! It was funny, action-packed, and visually appealing. The look was a lot like Sin City, but, I admit that I think Sin City looks even better.

I think its funny that the director, Frank Miller, likes his main characters wearing chucks. I love chucks! Anyway, so I researched little more about Frank Miller. He was a big comics writer and artist in the 70s and 80s. He wrote, drew, and inked all of his Sin City comics. That's pretty amazing. I took a comic illustration class before, so I know first-hand how hard it is.

The word that I would use to best describe the movie is "silly." The characters and fight scenes are so exaggerated! I love it, though! It was really surprising. The silliness gave it this whole other level that separated it from Sin City. I really appreciated that.

Every hero has their weakness. Daredevil is blind, Superman had Kryptonite, Batman has bats (lawl). But the Spirit's weakness is women! I thought it was funny, yet it made me connect to the character less. I'm much the romantic, so when a man is breaking hearts wherever he goes, I can't help but tsk-tsk him.

The main character of the film, the Spirit/Denny Colt, is played by Gabriel Macht. I first saw this cutey in Because I Said So, a romantic comedy starring Mandy Moore. His acting skills and his great jawline made him a good choice to play the Spirit. I approve! Frank Miller can rest soundly now that I have done so.

I give it 4.2 stars!

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Tara said...

You're "silly!" Thanks for the review, Laura! I will definitely watch the movie. I love Sin City! I also thought it was visually stunning.