Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Feature: Tina's Stories Written By Tara

Or sometimes Laura if Tara is feeling particularly lazy and eventually Tina (This is the rest of the title, if you didn't get that).

I guess it's about time we reinstated The 3 Sisters. So Laura and I devised a plan to keep Tina part of the blog while reducing work for her and unfortunately increasing work for us. Ugh! But I guess that is what sisters are for. That reminds me. I got the weirdest fortune from my fortune cookie yesterday that kinda applies to this situation: "A best friend [or sister] is always there for you especially when they rather be anywhere else." Weird and random...but somehow fitting.

But I digress. This feature is about Tina and her stories. Her stories will mainly be funny things her kids did or said. She has tons of them every day. So basically, I just have to listen to her, remember her stories and then relay it to you people. Here goes the first of many of Tina's stories (Hopefully, we can keep this up.):

Her 6-year-old daughter, Carmen, is really sensitive. Sad movies make her cry. Awww... So she was watching Airbud. How can that be sad? I don't know. I never watched it. But there is this one part in the movie where the mother makes the kid get rid of the dog. So the kid takes the dog to the woods, throws a ball for him to fetch and leaves him there. Here comes the tears from Carmen. Tina notices and says to her 3-year-old, Rachel, "Look at Jie jie. She's crying because the movie is so sad. Tell her not to cry." And Rachel turns to her sister and says "Jie jie, it's no-kay. It's just a moo-wie." (Jie jie is Chinese for big sister).

THEE END! (Side story: Tina read a story to Carmen before bed last night. And at the end of the book, Tina said "Thee end." Carmen retorts "Why do you say 'thee end?' It's THE, not THEE." Tina didn't have a response to that. She was outwitted by a six-year-old.)


Laura said...

aweeesomeee! everyone stay tuned for my special feature coming soon to a blog near you! ;)

Vanessa said...

Rachel's comment reminds me of something Leanne said. When I told her how we have to take care of their turtle so that he won't die, she said "it's ok though, we can always buy a new one". Well, can't argue with that :oP

Tara said...

WHAT?!? You can argue with that! Tell her that a turtle is a living thing and is irreplaceable!

People, stop buying turtles off the street!! They get big and live a long long time!