Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8

Last year, I was obsessed with Jon and Kate Plus 8. Jon and Kate have a set of twins and a set of sextuplets (thus, the plus 8). It is TLC's most popular show. It reruns on TLC all the time. So every chance I got, I watched this show until I was literally sick of it. I was fascinated by how a big family like that works. Also, their kids are so adorable and funny.

A lot of people love to hate Kate because she beats up on her husband all the time and is kinda OCD. However, because of her, her household is a well-oiled machine. Jon and Kate have also raised good, well-mannered children. They don't get enough credit for that. Also, it is obvious that they all love each other despite the bickering among the parents and kids and between the parents and kids.

Then my view of Jon and Kate Plus 8 turned upside down when I heard that Jon may be having an affair. See the US Weekly article. Of course, it may not be true, but still!! He was caught at a local nightclub at 2am with a mystery woman while Kate was away promoting her new book. He was heard calling the woman "babe." He was visibly intoxicated and wasn't wearing his wedding ring. This all sounds very suspicious. Jon denies the affair. But I don't know. Jon admitted to poor judgment on his part. Poor judgment, indeed.

Update 5/19/09: News (if you can call it news) came out recently that Kate may be having an affair with their family bodyguard. And Jon and Kate have been having marital problems for a long time. The TLC film crew said they have difficulty getting 15 minutes of good footage without them yelling at each other. And now, they are going to split up and do not even want to work on it! What is going on?!?! The media may be completely full of crap. But this is terrible for the family and especially for those eight kids. And if this is true, shame on Jon and Kate...for shame.


Laura said...

:[ My glass has been shattered, and I am left a cynical shell of my old, optimistic self. Nooooo

Tara said...

Me too. My world has been turned upside down!

Vanessa said...

Um, Miss Lawyer, innocent until proven guilty?? Anyway, I couldn't really get into that show. Jon is such a bore (zero sense of humor) and Kate seems like a biatch (i'll cut her some slack...8 kids will do that to ya) Oh yeah, and i thought 2 of the kids were brats :oX

Cass said...

And there was that thing about him attending a college party and making out with an undergraduate! The girl put the pictures up on her myspace page! Ick.

Tara said...

Yeah, Kate is pretty bitchy, but you gotta give her credit. She hasn't gone completely bonkers with 8 kids yet.

I heard about Jon's co-ed tryst. But I didn't know he was making out with undergrads! Did they get a pic of that?