Saturday, May 9, 2009

Late Friday Feature: Tina Wins at Monopoly for the First Time Ever!

We got into Monopoly a couple years ago. So there were many late nights, after the kids fall asleep, that we 3 Sisters played Monopoly. It's so much fun because we get goofy when there is a competition involved. But at the same time, we aren't overly competitive, which would just suck the fun out of it. My husband hates playing with us because we are too nice to each other and basically bully (or nag) him until he gives us what we want. Haha! We never had a bad Monopoly night! It is always filled with hilarity and good times. It has become a 3 Sisters staple.

So last night's Monopoly game was monumental! Tina won for the first time ever. We have probably played dozens of games before. She finally won one! Yay for her! Laura and I used to marvel at how bad Tina was at Monopoly. She had no strategy and didn't know a good deal if it hit her in the face. But she totally hustled us and wiped us out yesterday. It was pretty legendary. May 8, 2009 will go down in infamy.


Gatto999 said...

Ciao from Italy

Laura said...

Bonjour from France!

Yeah, she "hustled us" real bad..
Yeah right! Tina didn't hustle nothin!
(No offense Tina)

Tara said...

Laura, you mean Hello from the US, right?