Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Feature: "I'm Going to Tell on You."

Recently, we noticed that both Carmen and Rachel use the "I'm going to tell on you" threat a lot...even on Laura and me! The other day, Laura was using Carmen's newly sharpened red colored pencil. Here is what happened:

Carmen: You better give that back to me when you are done because I need it. Or I am going to tell mommy.
Laura: What is your mommy going to do to me, huh?
(Carmen thought about it for a second.)
Carmen: Probably do nothing and sit there and not say anything.
Laura: That's what I thought.

Ha! They already know it's just empty threats, Tina! And as you can tell, Laura is the bully in the family. Hahaha! Jk.

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Tara said...

Laura, I may have retold the story badly. So please fix!! Love ya!