Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Carmen Experiments with My Pen Pad

I was at Tina's house yesterday and was working on fixing up our header, when Carmen came along and wanted to draw too, because I was working with a pen pad. So I let her use it and draw on paint. She worked for about 20 minutes on this first art piece. It's a picture of herself with a very elaborate shirt! Notice the swirly eye, a style she picked up watching me draw.
This next picture she drew later. Isn't it adorable? Her apples are lovely. She has very good control of her hands and good attention to detail.Rachel saw her big sister drawing so she wanted a turn also. She learned how to use the pen pad quickly, because she's a smarty.

I like the picture below because I asked her why she was done so fast and why she only did a small amount of drawing. She told me that it was wind and wind is like that, all crazy and little. Hehe.
I have concluded that these two little ones are artists in the making! :)

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Tara said...

OMG! These drawings are so cute! Carmen is soooo good. And she drew a turtle...my favorite. Her stuff is always so elaborate. And Rachel, as always, is a cutie pie.