Sunday, May 24, 2009

Curly Perms!

Recently, I got my third yearly perm. That means for the past two years, I've had curly hair. I've had a lot of experience with perms, and I learned a few things on the way:

1. You should definitely go to a high end salon to get it done. I get it done at a fancy salon. My perm costs roughly $120 and a haircut costs about $50. Mine lasts an entire year. My friend got hers done at a cheap salon in Chinatown and the next day the curls loosened.

2. You need to have very thick hair like me if you want it to look natural. If your hair is too thin, your hair will become frizzy and look dead.

3. Do not get curls that are too small or too large. I started out with curls that were too small and now I have settled on using 1" and 1 1/2" curlers.

4. You need to get your hair layered. If it is not sufficiently layered, the bottom of you hair will become too thick with curls and look uber weird.

5. In the past, salons have used those huge heating helmets to heat your hair for the perm. My salon thought this heat was too harsh so they simply put a shower cap over your head and use body heat to heat the curls. If you choose a salon, make sure they use the shower cap rather than some complex heating contraption that can damage your hair.

I hope you use my tips wisely! Now you shall go forth and perm!

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Tara said...

I had a really bad experience with perms as a child. I looked like lil' orphan Annie...not cute. If only this blog was around then. Haha!